Thursday, November 10, 2005

The King of the Mountain

Today's story is another God experience. I think I was 8 when this happened.

My family was driving through the mountains to visit my Grandparents. My Mom's parents live in Parkersburg, West Virginia and my Dad's folks were living in North Carolina. The drive through West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina gets mountainous. We all used to take dramamine so that the curves and ups and downs didn't make us carsick. The pressure changes as you go so it helps to chew gum or have something to drink so that you can pop your ears. Yawning works thebest. You have to go easy because the car can overheat on those long upward pulls. There are tunnels in two places that go under mountains. The shorter one I could hold my breath all the way through, but there was no chance on the long one. On this trip for some reason there was an amazingly thick swarm of bugs. I don't remember what kind they were but as we drove they kept smacking themselves open on the windshield. I can still see that nauseous blur on the windshield in my head. My Dad was driving and he would run the wipers to clear it off. We ran out of wiper fluid. The wipers were just smearing the bug guts and we couldn't see out. It was horrible. My Mom looked at me and said: "Pray Jonathan. Pray that God will send us some rain to clear the windshield." I bowed my head and prayed. I can't remember if I prayed out loud or silently to myself, but as soon as I raised my head and opened my eyes a raindrop hit the windshield. Then another. It began to rain. There was not a downpour, only a light rain, but God gave us enough to allow the wipers to clear our view and remove us from danger. God doesn't always answer my prayers the minute I ask. That is why this one stands out to me. It is hard not to believe after an experience like that. I know that may not convince athiests, and even other Christians might not be moved when they hear it, but that day I experienced God. I know that He is a God who can answer prayer and that He cares about what happens to us.


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