Thursday, July 27, 2006


Sorry for the long hiatus. Hmm, I wonder if a hiatus has ever caused a hiatal hernia? Anywho I have been writing a fantasy story lately for my buddy Colter, and that has consumed much of my writing focus. You know, swords and magic. Not, er, the other kind of fantasy. He'd never speak to me again, I'm certain of it. And I would probably be exceedingly bad at writing that manner of thing anyway.

The embarassing moment that happened to me yesterday went thusly:

I was walking down the long hallway at work and there was a man walking in front of me. He had a paperback in his hip pocket. I was scrutinizing the cover trying to make out the title because it looked like a scifi novel. I couldn't get a fix on the book because the guy was really walkin'and the gluteal flexor that was supporting the book heaved it about enough to blur the writing. Just then a guy and gal walking the other direction catch me, only from their angle they can't see the paperback. So here I am looking like I'm following this guy down the hall just to stare intently at his situpon. There is no time for explanation. The judgement falls instantly and finally, like the blade of Madame Guillotine.

I'm a bum-looker, Cheeky Monkey, full member of the Audobum society. Maybe there is something to books driving one crazy like poor old Don Quixote.

Anyway another reason I have been a wee tardy lately is that I am self conscious of my typing. I have attempted to switch to the Dvorak keyboard layout and I am not yet up to full speed.

Hang in there Basement Dwellers, more Jonnyten to come!